Business Engineering

Regulations are like fences.  In some cases, they can impede one’s progress. With the right strategy, however, they can be used to protect one’s property and enable it to flourish in a hostile environment.

Fence construction is not as easy as it seems, however. Without the right skills and experience, it is easy to become tangled in the barbs and be injured.

In short, regulatory requirements do not have to stifle good business practices. There may simply be a special way of implementing them within an organization's infrastructure.

When It Really Matters Celestial Defense business engineering services enable clients to meet their contractual and regulatory requirements while running their business in a way that makes sense and ensures their prosperity.

CDI’s Business Engineering services are designed to integrate the organization's strategic plans and operating procedures within the government's labyrinth of laws and regulations without sacrificing efficiency, effectiveness or the philosophies that made our client’s great.

Whether a client's needs involve minor patches or complete overhauls of manual or automated processes, we can help.








Service Specifics

Celestial Defense assists clients to integrate their critical business systems with the complex rules and regulations governing government contracts. The specific implementations are tailored to maximize profits and reduce risk. Typical engagements include the following.

Written Policies & Procedures

  • Estimating systems
  • Accounting systems
  • CAS Disclosure Statements
  • Purchasing systems
  • Contracting systems
  • Billing systems

Cost Structures

  • Satisfy contractual and regulatory requirements for estimating, reporting and billing
  • Optimize recovery and revenues considering nature of the work, contract type and business mix
  • Optimize efficiency and effectiveness of the accounting practices

System Selection & Implementation

  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Estimating
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory management

Compliance Analysis

  • Cost estimating systems
  • Cost accounting systems with FAR 31 principles & procedures
  • Cost accounting systems with Cost Accounting Standards
  • Proposal systems with Cost or Pricing Data disclosures
  • Risk assessment of merger/acquisition candidates

Signature Services

The FAR Survey provides management with a quick preliminary assessment of problem issues or concerns of management related to claims, terminations or compliance matters.