CDI's Breach Scan forensically examines a computer or network resource and lets management know if they are a victim of an outside penetration, data compromise, or unauthorized use. < Learn More >

CDI's FAR Survey provides management with a quick preliminary assessment of problem issues or concerns of management related to claims, terminations or compliance matters. < Learn More >

CDI's Data Security Survey examines an organization's data security policies, procedures and practices for preventing, detecting and responding to breaches, impairments and compromises by both external and internal adversaries as well as assessment of the organization's preparedness under the new DoD contract clause, 52.204-7012, Safeguarding Covered Defense Information. < Learn More >


Founder Greg Fordham has authored over 70 articles. Some of his more popular articles are:

Pricing Changes and Claims of Government Contracts

Terminations for Convenience of Federal Government Contracts

Cost Accounting Standards

Cost or Pricing Data




Founder Greg Fordham has authored a new article titled, 10 Steps to Protect Your Company from Employee Based Computer Compromise. In addition to fundamental and common sense technology procedures the article describes the importance of the human element and what users can do to improve their security posture. < Learn More >


Founder Greg Fordham has authored a new article titled, Four Reasons Why You Need Celestial Defense to Investigate Your Intrusion and Data Breach.

While more than 90 percent of in-house security professionals resist calling an outside expert, more than half acknowledge that they are not adequately skilled or equipped for performing the analysis in a timely manner, if at all. < Learn More >



Located in Atlanta, Georgia Celestial Defense serves the needs of government contractors through its immense knowledge of:

The Firm's consulting services are expert services and not just part of a generalist offering nor an area of only part-time interest.

The Firm's products and services are provided nationwide to large and small contractors alike, prime contractors and subcontractors, foreign and domestic. Also, the Firm's services are provided to a diverse client base that spans many industries including; Manufacturing, Construction, and Services.